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There would be enough fish for mankind in the future, if...

There is a steadyly growing demand for fish in the world. In statistical terms in 2011 each inhabitant of our planet would have eaten nearly 19 kilograms of fish a year,  according to Data of the United Nation's Food and Agricultural Organization FAO.

People eat more fish.

That's three times as much per person than it was in 1950.

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Video-Interview: How bioplastics can be derived from agricultural wastewaters

Three Italian start-up entrepreneurs are scaling up a technology to derive bio-based plastic from agricultural waste waters.

Enjoy my video-interview with Paolo Stufano, one of the founders of Eggplant Srl of Bari, Italy, here.

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Video-Interview: There is enough agricultural land to grow plants for food, bio-fuel, bio-based materials, expert says.

Today most plastic material is made from fossil fuel. But industry is preparing for alternatives based on biomaterials. These can be made from plants and other renewable resources.

Biomaterial plants would not compete with food plants for agricultural land, Michael Carus of Nova-Institute for ecology and innovation, Hürth, Germany,  explains in a video-interview.

Summary and additional information

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